Personal Growth Counseling in Columbus, OH

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Personal Growth

Self-awareness is the foundation of self-acceptance and change. We'll focus on increasing your self-awareness and improving other skills so you can meet your goals.


Healing from trauma in a safe therapeutic relationship is kind of like a fresh start-- an opportunity to get some of what you missed out on as a child and an opportunity to finish growing up into your best self.


Postpartum depression and anxiety me be preventing you from fully enjoying mothering your young child.  Unresolved fear, anger, and sadness from relationships and events of our own childhood shape the way we mother in unseen ways.  Therapy helps.


What does it mean to be a man? A woman? Genderqueer or fluid? How does your gender identity shape your relationships? Are you thinking about transitioning? If you're interested in these questions then therapy can help you find your own answers.

Hi, I'm Ruby.

I help people find joy and satisfaction in their lives through supportive and empathetic therapy. I see a wide range of people, from those suffering with depression or anxiety, to those who are recovering from childhood trauma, and individuals who are wanting to become more fully themselves.

You are welcome here, whatever your background, however you identify, whomever you love.

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