4 Benefits of Online Therapy

Woman enjoying the benefits of online therapy

You get to the office, even when you can’t get to the office

For people who live in rural areas, mothers of very young children, and many other people, one of the biggest benefits of online therapy is that you can see a counselor without having to leave your home.  So if you have unreliable transportation or mobility issues, being able to see a therapist while remaining in your home is quite helpful.  This makes good therapy accessible to lots of people who haven’t been able to take advantage of counseling in the past.

You can be cozy in your home and avoid traffic, travel time, and bad weather

Therapy appointments take less time and energy when you don’t have to plan for travel time and traffic.  When you’re already struggling, it’s really nice to not have to worry about these other hassles.  And you can use the time you’re saving for other important self-care activities, like napping or making something nutritious for dinner– this is a convenient benefit of online therapy!

Introverts feel more comfortable with online therapy

Therapy can be a little overwhelming for introverts.  The distance created by seeing someone through a computer screen modulates contact and makes therapy feel less intense.  Introverts do not like being in the spotlight and often feel so uncomfortable in therapy that it’s hard to continue attending sessions.  Being able to attend sessions while remaining in their own familiar space is another benefit of online therapy.

It can work as well as in-office counseling

Research shows online counseling really works (see here and here).  I’ll be honest with you though, I think the effectiveness of online therapy also varies by what issues are brining you to therapy and what your goals are, maybe I’ll say more about that in another post.  That being said, I think it’s a good choice for a lot of people and I feel very comfortable saying it’s a worthwhile use of your resources.

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