3 Worrying Signs of Postpartum Depression

Photograph of young mother holding infant and looking out window. She shows signs of postpartum depression.

How do you know if you’re dealing with normal baby blues or more serious postpartum depression?  Here are some worrying signs of postpartum depression to look out for:* You Feel Empty Or You Just Feel Nothing Sure, the exhaustion and hormonal wackiness of those early days of motherhood are going to play havoc with with…

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Using the Client Portal

The client portal is often the easiest way for you to schedule (or reschedule) appointments complete or download documents send and receive secure messages access invoices and super bills/receipts make payments on your account. You can access the client portal anytime.  And if you need help logging in, check out this guide ClientPortal-Login

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Seeing An Out-Of-Network Therapist

What on earth is an out-of-network therapist?  Good question.  Insurance plans usually have two categories of healthcare providers that they’ll pay for; one is “in-network” and the other is “out-of-network”.  Your regular doctor is probably in-network.  When you go see your doctor you might pay a small copay and then the doctor’s office and the…

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Tips for Your First Online Therapy Session

Woman looking at computer for online counseling session

Hooray!  You’ve got your first online therapy session scheduled and you want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.  Here are some tips for getting ready for a good video therapy experience: Make sure you have the Chrome or Firefox web browser installed and running on your computer.  The video chat service I…

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4 Benefits of Online Therapy

Woman enjoying the benefits of online therapy

You get to the office, even when you can’t get to the office For people who live in rural areas, mothers of very young children, and many other people, one of the biggest benefits of online therapy is that you can see a counselor without having to leave your home.  So if you have unreliable…

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Using the Online Schedule System

If you’re having any problems scheduling online, take a look at this guide to using the client portal to schedule an appointment. ClientPortal-OnlineBooking If you have any questions after that, please contact me and I’ll try my best to help.

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An Unconventional Guide to the Benefits of Therapy

benefits of therapy include overall relaxation

You probably already know some basic things about the benefits of therapy and how therapy can help people.  I’m sure you’ve experienced or heard about how therapy can teach you coping skills and how you can learn to be more compassionate with yourself and how you can feel less depressed or anxious.  That’s all true,…

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