Child & Adolescent Counseling


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Support for Young People and Their Families

Children and families find themselves struggling in response to a variety of events-- trauma, loss, family changes, identity questions, depression, anxiety, difficult emotions, bullying, family conflict, and changing developmental needs as children work on growing up.  When families want extra support to navigate these issues and resolve their underlying causes, therapy can help.

The key strengths that children and families bring to therapy are their love and commitment to each other and their resilience.  One of my primary gals for all young people and families I work with is to strengthen and build on this foundation while also addressing the challenges.

Child & Adolescent Assessment Process

Typically, you can expect two assessment appointments.  The first one is for parents/guardians and without the child/adolescent.  This session is focused on the concerns and goals of the parents.  The second appointment is for the young person and a parent/guardian is asked to remain in the building in case your child needs you.

At the third appointment, parents/guardians and the young person (if appropriate) are all be invited to discuss the outcome of these assessments and preliminary treatment recommendations.

What to Expect from Child & Adolescent Counseling

Sessions are held weekly, except in rare circumstances.  Most sessions are held with the just the child but families are integral to the treatment process and family meetings are scheduled on a regular basis.

Before each upcoming appointment parents/guardians receive a Weekly Progress Report to complete.  This form gives caretakers an opportunity to tell me about significant events in their child's life, changes in behavior, and feedback on the effectiveness of therapy.  Parents/guardians may have regular 'homework' that helps you build skills to more effectively support your child.

Throughout the therapy process, we all meet periodically to review progress and adjust treatment goals as applicable.  The number of sessions needed to resolve the issue which brings your child to therapy is determined by the amount of work put in by the child and family and the enormity of the issue we are working on.

I use a variety of approaches when working with young people.  Depending on the young person's needs and goals I draw from mindfulness skills, play therapy, somatic therapy, expressive arts, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Get A Free Consultation

If you'd like to get started with child counseling or adolescent counseling, give me a call at 614-398-2051.  We'll find time for your free 15 minute consultation. During the consultation, you can ask your questions and we will explore if we'd be a good match. Call or email anytime to talk with me and find out.