Online Counseling

What Is Online Counseling?

Online counseling (also known as video therapy or telemedicine) can be just as effective as in-person counseling. Sessions are confidential and provided with a free secure video chat service that's easy to use. Client and therapist can see each other and interact just like with Skype, FaceTime, and other video chat services. Then, all you have to do is visit the virtual waiting room and I will greet you for your appointment. Insurance coverage for online counseling varies, so check with your insurance company for more information.  I'm also happy to discuss payment options with you. **Please note that licensing restrictions only allow me to offer this service if you are in Ohio.

Sometimes Online Counseling Is The Best Choice

I offer online counseling primarily to people in rural Ohio or who live too far from Columbus, Ohio to easily make it in to my office.  Online counseling is also a way to include family members who live far away in your sessions.  Also, introverts are sometimes more comfortable with online therapy appointments because they seem less intense than in-person appointments.  Additionally, online counseling is ideal for mothers of very young children who have difficulty finding childcare and want to schedule appointments during their child's nap time.

When I was the mother of an infant I could barely figure out how to take my baby to his appointments-- going to any appointments for myself seemed so overwhelming I didn't even consider it.  But, if I had known a good therapist who I could've met with online I would have absolutely done so.  I wanted and needed all the support I could get during that time period.  So if you're dealing with postpartum depression or anxiety after the birth of your little one, I get understand.  And, if they only way you can see a therapist is via online counseling then I'm happy to work with you-- even if you only live a block from my office.

Online counseling is not recommended for people with some serious mental health diagnoses.  And, there are some somatic interventions that can not be done online.  I'm happy to talk with you about your needs and goals to see if online counseling is a good fit for you.

What Research Says About The Benefits of Online Counseling

The findings of this meta-analysis, and review of additional Internet therapy studies not included in the meta-analysis, provide strong support for the adoption of online psychological interventions as a legitimate therapeutic activity

The outcome evidence indicates that teletherapy patients experience similar results compared with control groups.

Get A Free Consultation

If you'd like to get started with online counseling, give me a call at 614-398-2051.  We'll find time for your free 15 minute consultation. During the consultation, you can ask your questions and we will explore if we'd be a good match. Call or email anytime to talk with me and find out more. Save

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