"To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are."

-Roy T. Bennett

Gender affirming therapy in which you, not the therapist, determine who you truly are.  The therapist's job is simply to help you shine.

"There are many different ways to perform gender, and we should be open and encouraging of them."

Nevo Zisin

However You Choose to Do Gender, You Will Have Support

Your whole self is welcome here. Whatever needs are bringing you to gender therapy, you're welcome here.

Check out three popular ways people choose to use gender therapy:

To Explore

who are you?

who do you want to become?

what do you need and desire?

how would you like to 'do' gender?

what meaning do you make of your gender?


To Connect

how can you get needed support from others?

how can you support yourself more effectively?

how can you strengthen your important relationships?

how would you like to deal with your toxic relationships?


To Heal

muckily muck about growing

"Our body-minds tumble, shift, ease their way through space and time, never static. Gender transition in its many forms is simply another kind of motion. I lived in a body-mind assigned female at birth and made peace with it as a girl, a tomboy, a dyke, a queer woman, a butch. But uncovering my desire to transition—to live as a genderqueer, a female-to-male transgender person, a white guy—challenged everything I thought I knew about self-acceptance and love."

Eli Clare

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